Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you furnish insurance on contents during storage”?

The simple answer to that is NO! SulliVANS only carries liability on the vans, and not cargo insurance. It’s up to you to call your insurance carrier and advise them of what you’re doing. In almost all cases, they will insure your household during the storage period.

“Can we get into the van during the storage period?”

Absolutely. We only have to have notification of when you need access to your van and we will see to it that the gate is open, and if necessary, we will pull your van out into the yard to make access easier.

“What about locking the van…do we need to furnish locks”?

SulliVANS Portable Storage will lock your van for you if you do not have locks however it’s your stuff, so we prefer you put your locks on the van. Furniture vans require from 3 to 5 locks depending on the number of doors. If a van comes back without locks, we automatically lock them on your behalf.

“Are the vans hard to get in to”?

SulliVANS furnishes walk ramps with the vans that make access into the vans easy. These are subject to availability only. We have at this time 10 sets of ramps and 120 vans, so on occasion there is a lot of pressure on the ramps.

“What about your work hours, are you available to deliver on weekends and holidays?”

Yes…our business is 24/7. The purpose of our service is to make your home move as easy and trouble free as possible. And that requires that we keep odd hours to help in your move. If we are not available for any reason due to vacation, illness or whatever, we have several back up drivers that may be available to deliver or pick up vans in our absence, although we prefer to handle all moves personally to insure the safety of your property.

“How long can we have the van parked at our home to load or unload…?”

48 hours within the city limits of Bismarck and Mandan. We are required by the Bismarck and Mandan Police Departments to fax a form whenever we drop a van in the city limits so they are aware of where it is and for how long.

“What about billing…”?

We bill once a month and we pro-rate after the first month goes by. However, we ask that furniture van clients pay the final bill the day we deliver for unloading.

“Do you deliver out of state…?”

No, we do not. We will move you in-state, but we are not licensed for household moves across the state line, other than border towns in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana. In-state moves will also require payment upon delivery.

“What about water leakage”?

We check each empty van in the yard during periods of heavy rain to determine if there are trouble spots that need attention. We never guarantee a leak won’t occur however it’s a very rare occurrance. We always caution clients to not put items subject to water damage within a few feet of the rear doors on standard freight vans because the doors don’t seal as tight as they did when these vans were new.